I love working with couples of all kinds who have a hunger and desire to have greater sense of connection and closeness in their relationship.  My hope is that couples experience this connection and closeness with one another in the therapeutic space through meaningful conversations and interactions and that it translates and infuses  into their everyday lives.

We all change as individuals over time and it is normal and natural that our relationships will also change.  Couples often need to adjust to this and other life transitions, stressors, and unexpected circumstances.  Connection, closeness, and intimacy takes work and often gets lost in the day to day of life. External pressures, demands, responsibilities, and expectations can also all get in the way.  


I have a passion to help couples regain the sense of closeness and connection they desire by sorting through what is in the way and helping them have the experience of increased closeness and intimacy in all ways.  My hope is that the therapeutic space helps couples experience something new in their relationship and gives them a vision for their relationship that feels more connected and close.

I have specialized training in working with couples using techniques and the style of therapy that is best for you and your relationship.  I see couples needing to talk about a myriad of different issues that are impacting their lives and relationship.

  • Life Transitions
  • Disconnection and lack of closeness
  • Relationship Issues with family and extended family
  • Work Stress and Pressures
  • Roles and Responsibilities within the Home
  • Financial Issues
  • Sexual Concerns
  • Infidelity and Other ‘Exits’ from the Relationship
  • Differences in Goals, Decision Making
  • Anger and Resentment
  • Health Issues
  • Grief
  • Parenting
  • Friendship Issues